Books on the intelligence of children and babies

Books on the intelligence of children and babies

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1. How to awaken the baby's intelligence
Ludington-Hoe, Susan Golant
Thanks to the latest discoveries in child psychology, it is known today that the newborn is not a passive being, and that its capacities go far beyond sleeping and eating. From birth, and even before, the baby reveals unsuspected abilities. It is up to mothers and educators to develop and promote them. Child stimulation is presented as a program of very simple and effective techniques for the development of the child's sensory capacities.

2. Help your child train his intelligence
Alberto Coto
Over the last few years I have given many lectures in schools, institutes and all kinds of educational centers, and I have verified the problem that exists among students with the practice of study, in general, and with that of mathematics, in particular. . However, in those same encounters with boys and girls of different ages I have also seen how they became enthusiastic about the games, exercises and problems that I posed to them. My experience has taught me that the keys are motivation -and who better than parents-, concentration and training. Did you know that there are several types of intelligences and that they can be trained in an effective and fun way? In this book I show how easily anyone can relax and concentrate in the right way, and then propose a great variety of exercises, games and techniques.

3. Emotional intelligence in children
Lawrence Shapiro
Despite the terrible stress that dominates our lives, society gives little regard to the pressures that children face at every stage of their development.
Whether it's everyday problems at school or bigger issues like divorce and death, children of different ages need to develop different emotional capacities to deal with these difficulties.

4. Gifted children. Reconciled intelligence
Arielle Adda, Hélène Catroux
How to help a gifted person use their abilities? How to accompany him on that journey, day by day, from childhood? How to guide him in adolescence, in school, in institute? How to achieve that it is fully realized in your adult life This comprehensive and practical book answers all the questions we may ask ourselves about tests, relationships with the school, siblings and other people. But above all, it proposes solutions, provides techniques and opens up new perspectives.

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