Going back to the classroom will be 6.2 percent more expensive this year

Going back to the classroom will be 6.2 percent more expensive this year

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The return of Spanish children to school is about to fall. It is time to prepare your pockets because going back to school in the 2010-2011 academic year will require us to pay 6.2 percent more than last year, that is, an average of 820 euros for each child, depending on whether they go to a public, concerted or private school, according to the data of the Federation of Independent Consumer Users (FUCI).

The X-ray carried out by FUCI reveals that the average expenditure in a public center is 512 euros, 774 if a subsidized one is chosen and 1,174 euros in a private one. Clothing or uniform, as well as footwear, is one of the most expensive expenses for parents to return to school for their children. If your child goes to a public school, in general, spending on clothes will be approximately 110 euros, a value that doubles in the case of subsidized schools and rises to 280 euros in private ones.

Tuition also makes it more expensive for children to return to the classroom. In public and subsidized centers its cost is zero, but in private schools it costs an average of 265 euros. Regarding school supplies, that is, expenses with notebooks, pencils and pens, folders, cases and backpacks, it can represent about 50 euros in public schools, 120 in subsidized schools and about 125 euros in private ones. The dining room also experienced a slight increase. 160 euros in private centers, 114 in subsidized schools and about 90 euros in public ones. With regard to transport, in public it is about 80 euros per month, while in concerted 115 euros and in private about 150. There are autonomous communities that offer subsidies for the acquisition of textbooks and teaching materials for all levels compulsory education, granting favorable treatment to large families with low incomes and / or children with disabilities.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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