Red Cross teaches First Aid to parents

Red Cross teaches First Aid to parents

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He has choked on a piece of biscuit, he has a wound and I don't know if he needs stitches, he fell and I think he hit his head, our cat scratched him, he touched the oven door and he got burned … Who has not seen himself pronouncing these same or similar words before the emergency pediatrician? And these are just some of the unexpected accidents that we can live with our baby.

What can we do? If we had known how to react, we would not have so nervousMany parents may have thought, that like us, they waited anxiously in the emergency room of the hospital for them to tell us something positive about the condition of our son.

Having some notions about the baby's First Aid is essential when you have children. You never know what can happen and sometimes, know how to react in the first minutes before going to the hospital It's very important. According to the Red Cross, "knowing how to act efficiently and quickly in the event of accidents helps save many lives."

For this reason, if you are interested in the topic of First Aid, next weekend November 20 and 21 at the Babies & Mamás Fair, which is held at the Ifema fairgrounds in Madrid, those responsible for the Red Cross will teach Baby's First Aid workshops where they will teach us to reduce possible risks and to act in case of accidents. The objective of these workshops is to familiarize the participant with the knowledge of the Common First Aid techniques, attitudes and skills.

The workshop will include training on how to act when choking, what to do when crying spasms or how to heal a burn, among other frequent questions that parents with school-age children often have.

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