Pregnancy video: 18 weeks

Pregnancy video: 18 weeks

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18 weeks pregnant: Fast facts

Your sweet baby is about the size of a bell pepper!

Your baby is busy flexing those arms and legs – movements you'll notice more and more in the weeks ahead. Blood vessels are visible through your little one's thin skin.

Sex won't hurt your baby and is safe for most expecting moms (check with your provider to be sure). It may even feel better than usual, thanks to extra blood flow to your pelvic area.

If you haven't felt your baby kick yet, you will soon. It might feel like popcorn popping, a fish swimming, or butterflies fluttering.

Food cravings and hunger may kick into high gear now.

Do women feel more or less attractive during pregnancy? In a our site poll, 57% said "less" and 31% said "about the same."

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Watch the video: Your pregnancy: 18 weeks (May 2022).