Laundry routine: Nesting Story (Episode 1)

Laundry routine: Nesting Story (Episode 1)

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Joanna: Isn't it worth it to push through and be prepared for the week?

That's worth it, right?

Mike: That's worth it. But right now, I don't feel it.

Joanna: Yeah, right now we're in it.

Good morning.

It's Saturday, and Mike and I wanted to show you our laundry routine.

As you can see, real life is happening here.

And this is the routine that has evolved over the years for us.

We used to have our laundry on our dining room table, especially when our twins were babies.

And over the years we found that this really works for us.

And I'm gonna show you how Mike and I work as a team every weekend to make sure our kids' laundry not only gets done, but it's put away, and we're ready for the week.

Mike: So I'm in the twins' room, though, right now, and before I get going on their laundry, bit of a little different routine for them this morning.

They last night decided to make a mess of their sheets.

The twins still sleep in diapers.

They're only three. And they still have accidents the odd time.

They can't hold their bladder yet, so they sleep in diapers.

But the odd time they either leak or take their diapers off at, like, 2 a.m. – and we don't even know it – and then decide to just pee in their sheets.

So the way that Joanna and I combat that is we use pee pads.

Otherwise we'd be changing sheets every morning or every other morning.

So we got one guy there, another guy there.

Why are they on the ground?

Good question!

On the ground because last night they got really creative and, like I said, they decided to take their diapers off.

And then pee on those.

And then they even decided to take their pee pad off of their bed and pee on the actual bed.

So the sheets gotta go.

It was time for their sheets to get changed up anyway, but this just forces us to do it a little bit earlier than normal.

The bed's gotta get stripped.

Sheets gotta get washed.

Clothes gotta get washed.

And let's get to it.

Mike: And done.

Got their sippies.

For the nighttime, have some water.

And that's it.

Beds are all made to the best of my ability.

That's it.

On to the next one.

Mike: Good morning. It's now Sunday, and we're still moving laundry along.

So on to the next kid's room.

We got Holden's room.

We're gonna do some laundry.

Sounds exciting.

It is right there.

We're gonna pop that in the wash, throw that in the dryer, fold everybody's laundry.

Get everybody's laundry away, and get off to a good start for the week, so Monday morning we got camps and we got school.

And we're not playing catch up for the rest of the week, because when that happens that is the worst.

So setting ourselves up for some success.

Mike: So since the twins are still young, sometimes we're changing them in weird spots of the house.

We might change them in the family room or change them down in the living room or whatever.

So that stuff ends up here.

But right now, we've just got some of Beau's pants, a jacket, and some towels.

So that'll make its way into this load.

Holden's got a pretty dark load.

And we'll throw that in now.

But a lot of times, the stuff that's in this bin up here that sits on top of the washing machine is, like I said, just some odds and ends, or maybe if we go swimming, as soon as we come in the house, just take it out of the backpack, dump it right in there.

So we know it's gotta get washed.

So throw that in now.

One thing we always gotta be careful of, we gotta leave those up there.

So we use those single, self-contained gel capsules, so we keep them up high.

Keep them near the back.

None of the kids grab them and think they're some sort of weird candy.

We've heard some horror stories of that, but anyway.

We keep them in the back, nice and safe.

Mike: So this is the holding area.

Once we finish all the laundry, and it's been dried, it is sent to the hallway in the dining room/living room.

Not optimal.

It's just how we do things right now, because there's quite a bit of it, has a lot of space.

And then we'll ship it into the family room, where there's a lot more floor space, and continue with the folding.

Or start with the folding.

Joanna: Now Mike and I are going to partner up and fold the laundry all right here.

Some days I do all of it.

Some days, Mike does all of it.

Most of the time I would say we do it together.

We've actually found we enjoy it.

We put on a show that we love and binge-watch something on TV or a movie, and we get it done.

So we both know it's worth it to get it done on the weekends.

It sets the tone for the whole week.

Joanna: So just about to put our twins' laundry away.

As you can see, we've had to turn the knobs around because they're getting into their drawers.

I just wanted to talk a bit more about our laundry routine evolution because it wasn't always like this.

Any time we had a new baby, especially when we had our twins, the laundry would get washed and dried and then end up in laundry baskets.

Often right under our dining room table.

It rarely was put away.

All of our kids spat up a lot, so we could barely even keep up with the laundry.

There wasn't any point of putting it away.

It wasn't until our kids got a bit older, and especially our older kids were in school, we had a really established routine.

And we required a bit more, some more structure.

So I was getting in a lot of fights with our older kids in the morning before they went to school about what they should wear that day.

And I was scrambling, trying to put together outfits, and it was just so frustrating.

And it was hard for everyone to get out the door.

So putting our kids' – our big kids' – clothes in these plastic containers that I'm gonna show you has changed everything.

For now, Mia and Everly, our twins, do get their laundry just put away in their drawers.

But fairly soon – they are in daycare full-time – and I think pretty soon, they'll probably get their own little organization drawers once I feel like they'll actually – they won't go in there and start messing it up when we're not paying attention – they'll actually dress themselves.

Joanna: Now I'm in Beau's room, our oldest daughter's room.

And this is the drawer unit.

So a couple years ago, my friend told me about this amazing Pinterest hack, and I was a little skeptical because I've tried some Pinterest hacks before.

Some stick, some don't.

This one has been a game changer.

I'll show you how it works.

So it has the days of the week on it, and I'm able to check the weather, check what they have at school.

Maybe it's like a specific color they have to wear that day.

And I can prep ahead of time.

And there's no longer the last-minute scramble or arguments about what she's wearing that day.

Joanna: Isn't it worth it to push through and be prepared for the week?

That's worth it, right?

Mike: That's worth it.

But right now, I don't feel it.

Joanna: Yeah, right now, we're in it.

Okay, so that's it.

That's our family's laundry routine.

I would love to hear what you do for your laundry.

So if you wanna see more videos like this, definitely subscribe here on BabyCenter's YouTube channel.

And make sure you hit that notification bell and also leave a like.

Also if you want to see more of our family, we upload videos three times a week over on our YouTube channel, Nesting Story, which you'll see the link for below.

I'll see all of you soon.


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