Bonding with your baby (Advice from moms)

Bonding with your baby (Advice from moms)

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Moms share how they bonded with their babies and offer reassuring advice for your first days with your newborn.

Thank you to Susana, Michelle, Marit, and Lindsay for sharing their experiences.

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Susana: There is a moment that you go back home and you're alone with this little creature and it's a bit scary. At the same time, it's exciting because it really kicks in that you have a baby now and you're a family.

Michelle: There's a bond that's created between parent and child, I think, for sure if the love is there, but I don't necessarily believe there is one way to get there.

Marit: It wasn't until after everything was done – we were in the room all by ourselves – that the emotion just came out. You just don't know what to expect, you know, and, like, how to prepare for, I guess, that point after. And then it just becomes natural.

Lindsay: Before I had her, people would talk about this instant bond and instant connection, and for me it's been more about discovering an entirely new person that's now one of the most important people in my life.

Michelle: With my first baby it was the most magical experience. With my second child, I almost had the complete opposite experience. I didn't feel that immediate connection because I'd had such a difficult pregnancy. I realized there is no one way to bond with your children.

Lindsay: And I think it's really important to just be easy on yourself. Your relationship is going to develop and evolve over time. Those first few days are certainly important, but they're not just this one magical moment that you need to have.

Susana: I didn't know I had the capacity for so much love until I had my baby. It's an experience that will open your heart to dimensions that you don't even know exist.

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