Natural pain relief: Water (ep. 20)

Natural pain relief: Water (ep. 20)

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Linda Murray: The fourth natural pain-relief technique involves using water to help you relax and make contractions more bearable. This is also called hydrotherapy. You might want to get in the shower or soak in the tub. Water streaming down on your body in a shower can have the same benefits as a massage. And soaking in a deep tub eases pressure and relaxes your muscles. If you stay in the water for a while, stay hydrated by drinking fluids. Make sure the water is not too hot, but even if it’s just lukewarm, after a while you might appreciate a cold cloth for your face and neck.

It’s safe to soak in a lukewarm tub during the first stage of labor even after your water breaks.

Mom 1: In terms of the pain, a warm shower was amazing. So if I have another one, I definitely want to do a tub situation.

Mom 2: I went from writhing pain where I was falling on the ground and just screaming and waiting for this contraction to be done to, you know, in the bath, really—I mean, I still felt it but it felt so much better. I highly recommend a bath.

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